Hi! We are SoMainline

Believe in Open Source

We are a group of developers in love with Linux, embedded development and mainlining devices.

Who we are

We are mainly interested in providing a mainline kernel for mobile devices, complemented by the necessary open-source userspace to form a complete device.

While some members choose to develop using Android as userspace, others favour alternatives like SailfishOS, Ubuntu Touch, postmarketOS and many others.

+ You?

What we do

Our goal is to facilitate running free software on your mobile device with the latest Linux Kernel.

You can find most of our submitted contributions to the Kernel on the linux-arm-msm Tux Logo mailing list.

We provide work-in-progress branches of our latest kernel work at GitHub, convenience scripts (Out-of-Tree kernel script, rootfs-builder), and, most importantly, documentation.

See our work on GitHub

How you can get involved

The best way to get in touch with us is to collaborate with us at our GitHub organization. We'll be happy to review your patches.

Even if you cannot or do not want to develop yourself, you can still help us out by improving the documentation and researching publicly available information about the hardware of devices.


We are incredibly grateful to and our members contribute to the following projects:

Open Devices


Ubuntu Touch